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3D Service

Our 3D modeling services and 3D related free consultant services, is all you need to jump into the next informatic wave, which is to put 3D content in your software, mobile applications, manuals or web pages. From any input source like blue prints, photos, diagrams or real parts allow us to convert your 2D graphics into a full rich interactive 3D experience.


Methods manuals

EXViewer is the name that we gave to our in-house software development for: maintenance manuals, repair procedures or assembly manuals. Which allow us to create immersive 3D manuals with 3D animations, text to speech, multiple languages, PDF, videos, 2D and 3D content integration, shopping cart, drill down navigation, sounds, etc.


Web 3D

Our technology combined with the new discoveries in different industries allows us to turn any object in 3D elements for display them in almost any electronic device (computer, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch) via web. With our 3D graphics you can place a variety of products online and manipulate them in real time.


Expertsys | a 3D modeling company

Expertsys is a 3D modeling service company, committed to produce high volume, low cost 3D models for the industry, and provide the latest technology to use this models in Electronic Part Catalogs, Web Pages, Shopping Carts, 3D Customized Software Solutions as well as Recycling CAD/CAM Models to be used in whatever imaginable software application. 



We believe that 3D is the future and we are dedicated to produce the best lightweight 3D files possible. Our 3D files can be implemented into any existing application or webpage and we have skilled programmers who can help you doing so. The 3D that we produce are made by polygonal modeling, which is the method of choice for real-time computer graphics. Our 3D files can’t be used to replicate real objects so you don’t have to worry about product theft or cheap replicates. Working with 3D graphics is intuitive and easy.

Adding 3D to your website result in better viewing of products, a critical factor in selling items that online shoppers can't interact with physically. Products can be rotated 360 degrees. It's as if you are holding them right in your hand.

Intuitive drill down navigation, user can watch object disassemble and reveal individual parts. View all associated metadata of selected part.

3D is also great for part identification. Unlimited zoom on assemblies or individual parts helps you isolate, select and order the correct part the first time every time.

Animated 3D can be used for more effective training or manuals. With animated 3D its easy to illustrator complex mechanical procedures or assembly steps. Interactive 3D combined with animations helps users solving problems themselves reducing the time for expensive support.

We can use various inputs to model your 3D: Drawings, images, blue prints, CAD files and so on. We have more then 60 trained professionals who can model your needs.


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