Expertsys | a 3D modeling company

Expertsys Data Labs was founded in 1996 in Monterrey, NL, Mexico, the industrial capital of the country, to take advantage of the qualified professionals that emerge every year from our world-known universities and the advantageous location of the city. In 2000 Expertsys expanded its services to Europe, with an office located in Dijon, France, 2 years later, Expertsys signed a contract with Consulting AB, a Swedish Company leader in the car crash estimating market, as their 3D graphic and solution provider. In 2008 Expertsys signed a contract with Audatex, the global leader in car crash estimating systems with presence in more than 80 countries. Expertsys is the sole 3D graphic producer for Audatex, modeling more than 300 vehicles per year with an average of 1,200 collision parts per vehicle, equivalent to 360,000 parts per year. Our next goal is to open offices in Milano, Italy.